Looking for Personal Training in Woodland Hills: Meet Pure Function Fitness Founder Hamoon Hosseinpour

personal trainer in woodland hills Hamoon Hosseinpour

Nestled in the heart of Woodland Hills, Pure Function Fitness Center is more than just a boutique fitness studio. It’s a place where passion meets precision, and personalized fitness programs are crafted to help clients achieve their individual goals.

We sat down with Hamoon Hosseinpour, the founder of Pure Function, to learn more about his journey, the unique approach of his fitness center, and the importance of customized programming and 1 on 1 personal training.

Here’s what he had to say:

Q: What inspired you to start Pure Function Fitness Center?

Hamoon Hosseinpour: From a young age, I’ve been driven by a relentless curiosity about enhancing movement, speed, and overall quality of life. My journey as a multi-sport athlete and collaborations with elite athletes gave me a deep understanding of body mechanics.

This passion for optimizing performance led me to establish Pure Function Fitness Center in Woodland Hills, where we focus on personalized fitness programs tailored to each client’s unique needs.

Q: What makes Pure Function different from other fitness centers or training?

Hamoon: At Pure Function, we emphasize a completely private personal training environment with a maximum of three clients and three coaches at a time. This ensures personalized attention and a distraction-free workout experience.

Additionally, all of our trainers are highly certified, holding credentials from NASM as well as correctional specialists which means our programs are specifically designed to improve fitness and performance while addressing underlying muscle imbalances and postural issues that may be contributing to chronic pain.

Q: Can you explain the importance of the initial fitness assessment at Pure Function?

Hamoon: The initial assessment is crucial as it allows us to understand your body’s unique structure and movement patterns. During the assessment, we conduct a comprehensive InBody scan and various movement tests to identify any limitations or imbalances. This information is then used to customize each program to the individual which means better outcomes, regardless of what your specific goals or needs are.

Q: What services do you offer at Pure Function Fitness Center?

Hamoon: We offer a range of services including Private Personal Training, Corrective Exercise, Pain Management, and Sports-Specific Performance Enhancement. Our programs are designed to elevate overall health, optimize fitness performance, and improve human movement. No matter where you are in terms of your level of fitness or what your goals might be – whether you’re looking to build strength, enhance athletic performance, or address chronic pain – we can help.

Q: How does your background in civil engineering influence your approach to fitness training?

Hamoon: My background in civil engineering has given me a unique perspective on biomechanics and structural alignment. This expertise helps me understand how different parts of the body work together and how to correct imbalances for better movement and reduced pain. Our training programs at Pure Function are data-driven and meticulously designed to ensure safety and effectiveness, much like a well-engineered structure​.

Q: What role does corrective exercise play in your training programs?

Hamoon: Corrective exercise is a key component of our training programs. It involves addressing and improving movement patterns, posture, and muscle imbalances. This approach helps prevent injuries, alleviate pain, and improve overall movement quality while we work toward achieving your fitness goals.

Our trainers, all certified as Corrective Exercise Specialists, use a systematic method to identify and address the root causes of any dysfunction, ensuring a solid foundation for any fitness goals​.

Q: What can new clients expect during their first session at Pure Function?

Hamoon: New clients start with a complimentary 50-minute assessment session. During this session, we discuss their fitness goals, conduct a body assessment, and perform an InBody scan to analyze body composition. Based on these results, we create a personalized training plan that caters to their individual needs. This thorough assessment ensures that their fitness journey is tailored for maximum effectiveness and safety​ plus allows our clients to see how we work and whether they would like to continue with us.

Q: Where can clients find out more or schedule an appointment?

Hamoon: Clients can find detailed information about our services on the Pure Function Fitness Center website.

We have a straightforward process for booking your free 1-1 fitness assessment where you just need to fill out your information and a member of our team will contact you. As a reminder, this 50-minute consultation includes a comprehensive InBody scan and various movement tests to identify any limitations or imbalances.

Book a free 1-1 fitness assessment with Hamoon Hosseinpour.

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