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From my early years, an unyielding curiosity about enhancing movement, speed, and quality has guided me. I am Hamoon Hosseinpour, proud owner of Pure Function, a cornerstone of personal training in Woodland Hills, Calabasas, and Agoura Hills.

A Former Athlete’s Vision in Calabasas and Beyond

As a past multi-sport athlete, I’ve always been on a quest for betterment. This quest led me to establish Pure Function right in the bustling heart of Woodland Hills, near the serene neighborhoods of Calabasas. My journey through various disciplines and collaborations with elite athletes transformed into a deep understanding of body mechanics.

15 Years of Excellence in Agoura Hills Personal Training

Over 15 years, my passion morphed into a dedication to aiding others through corrective exercise and biomechanical expertise. Pure Function stands as a beacon of strength and conditioning, primarily serving the communities of Woodland Hills, Calabasas, and Agoura Hills. We specialize in functional training, focusing on joint alignment and weight distribution for pain-free, efficient mobility.

Engineering a Strong Foundation in Fitness

My background in civil engineering uniquely positions me to understand human biomechanics. We begin our client journey with a complimentary assessment, identifying key movement patterns and potential discomfort sources. A comprehensive body composition analysis ensures a targeted and effective fitness plan.

Tailored Training Programs for Woodland Hills Residents

Our training approach involves meticulous monitoring of joint range and movements, especially in the hips, shoulders, and spine. This data-driven method allows us to craft personalized programs, advancing strength and conditioning while ensuring safety. Regular reassessments ensure progress and program refinement.

Breathing Techniques for Enhanced Well-being

At Pure Function, we recognize the crucial role of proper breathing in fitness. Our emphasis on diaphragmatic breathing and rib movement during exercise enhances the overall effectiveness of our training programs, especially vital for our clients in sedentary professions.

Personalized Training in Calabasas and Agoura Hills

Our team of expert trainers offers private, one-on-one sessions, acknowledging each client’s unique needs. Our commitment to quality service is unmatched, and we invite you to book your first complimentary session through our website.

Join Us at Pure Function

We look forward to welcoming you to Pure Function, your gateway to surpassing limits, alleviating pain, and building strength. Start your journey to peak health with us, your premier destination for Woodland Hills, Calabasas, and Agoura Hills personal training.

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